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The “new” cardigan – being myself suits me best

I have an old grey cardigan.
The sleeves are too short.
A button is missing.
It makes me look fat.
I haven’t worn it in years.

I have a new grey cardigan.
It comes with knitted woollen hand warmers.
Has an avocado seed button.
A cool batch on the back.
And I love wearing it.

Upcycled fashion hacks

The attached handwarmers

knitted attached handwarmers

This is how much longer the sleeves are now

knitted attached handwarmers on a cardigan

Here you can see where and how I attached it. After a while I decided the change the pattern. I didn’t restart as this part isn’t visible anyway.

knitted attached handwarmers on a cardigan

This is how it looks when worn.

I used sock wool to make them nice and warm. 75% of sheep wool they are a little bit scratchy, which doesn’t bother me, but some people might consider other wool choices instead.
Also, with the rest of the wool, I did knit almost 1 pair of socks size 43. One sock now has a blue tip.

The missing button

Here the button is already attached to the upcycled and repaired cardigan

This is a picture of the cardigan in the middle of the upcycling process.

Here the button is already attached to the upcycled and repaired cardigan

The button has two different coloured sides and is pretty big. I had made some buttons when I started experimenting with avocado seeds, and before I started making avocado seed jewellery. This is the first time I found a good use for it. I am not sure how it’ll like the washing machine. We’ll see.

Avocado seed button on a upcycled cardigan

The batch

a really cool batch from

I recently ordered a fair amount of batches and buttons from Black Mosquito. I think it’s important to openly show that I am against racism, against fascism, against sexism, against homophobia and so on.
I might be naive but I am still against violence too. So I very consciously only picked images that did not promote violence. However, we can not tolerate intoerance and must stand up against it.

a really cool batch from

Being myself suits me best.

Well, that one I didn’t fix with needle and thread.
That one I fixed in my heart and my mind. It took me a very long time, and I still struggle.
I am myself, and I am ok with that.
I very rarely think about whether or not I am seen as attractive, and when I do only the opinion of one person is relevant.
Funny enough when I thought I should look pretty and tried on a different occasion, either the kids or that person or both looked irritated and said I look “strange” – like I am not myself.
Very true and very encouraging
Being myself suits me best.
I sometimes think about how I am dressed because in some places I want to be seen as fitting it, I admit that.
I do not owe anyone a certain look or attractiveness.
I do owe the people around me to be well-groomed: that I wash my hands regularly, keep a distance, wear a mask and such.

I think fashion developed a lot for people to show that they are rich.
And the ways to do so are still closely attached to create huge amounts of waste.
So I am looking forward to a new way of “judgement”.
I realize that I might be part of a special sort of privileged style. Because I am not throwing stuff away. I rarely buy anything. I fix stuff by hand. I work from home four days a week. I live in a rich country, and I have the enormous luxury of time to sit down and knit sleeves into an old cardigan.

Yeah, so this cardigan is a form of privilege too, and it’s also a step on my path of realizing that I have everything and more. And what I need is safety, equality, equity, solidarity, freedom for everybody and commitment to fight for a better, sustainable world together.

On a side note: The wool is called “CraSy Socks Surprise Success”.