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Home » “Sleepy Bear Trophy” Pendant – What to do with the “bad” stuff?

“Sleepy Bear Trophy” Pendant – What to do with the “bad” stuff?

Sleepy Bear Trophy Pendant

Just like throwing away my plastic cutlery for picnics to replace it with bamboo ones, I can’t bring myself to throw away the polymer clay jewellery I made and the material I still have lying around.

I am planning to make more polymer clay jewellery but this needs a disclaimer:

I still have lots of material lying around from back in the days before I realized that I’d much rather work with more sustainable materials.

There is no “away”. We throw it somewhere…

Here’s the whole story:

Sleepy Bear Trophy Pendant - side view

My favourite hobby was stone carving, but when I started a “digital nomad” lifestyle I couldn’t bring 50kg sandstones, hammer, and chisel with me.

I switched to photography but my hands missed working so I started making polymer clay jewellery.

That stopped when I moved into an apartment without an oven.

Now I could use the leftovers – and I would even call that reuse and recycle as the alternative would be throwing it away without using it first.

If I use it up it will eventually become trash as well, but it might be used and loved for a couple of years before that happens.

The sweet sleepy guy, who found peace despite its murder is available… but not in the HerrBerta Art Shop yet!