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Lost form concrete sculpture – Berta von Flausch

Not only this sculpture but also writing this article taught me a lot about letting go. And truth be told I am not really interested in this lesson…

The sculpture because it’s a lost form technique and the article because I just started working with this theme and some click/ key combination makes everything disappear and I can’t recover it.

I think I can attribute it to my meditation and mindfulness practice that I not only felt the frustration and how my motivation was lost but I managed to acknowledge it and keep working on the article. It’s shorter now though 😀

Berta von Flausch - Stonecast sculpture by

Berta von Flausch - Stonecast sculpture by HerrBerta.artIn these photos, you see the original sculpture made of clay.

Here I need to point out another great lesson: regularly look at the art piece from the perspective you’ll have once it’s done and in its final spot. Having it on a table is great for working but once I placed the final sculpture on the floor I was quite disappointed as the nostrils became the eyes and the cuteness I had attempted was gone.

For the technique you start with a clay sculpture – let me point out the really cute backside of the sculpture. My art teacher in school taught me that a good sculpture needs to be pleasing from all possible angles and I think I’ll rethink the spot the sculpture sits in so I’ll pass by the backside more often, as I think it’s worthwhile.

Here’s a photo of the plaster cast, followed by the final form being chiselled out of the plaster, and it being displayed at the final exhibition at the “Burgfeste Dilserg”.