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Home » The theme of hunger in my doodles: Rewriting my story

The theme of hunger in my doodles: Rewriting my story

I am wondering about the topics of my doodles. Hungry kids seem to be a theme. They are adorable, but why are they always hungry or cold? (oh wait, the cold I can explain. I am always cold – there’s no meta to that – I am cold, doodle is cold too)

When I wrote the text for the other hungry kid doodle, I didn’t even think of hunger being a pointer towards something other missing than food.

Why did this kid bite a piece out of her lovely dotted flowers – which btw do look pretty and poisonous?

It’s the magic of looking back and framing things from the position where we are now. I can see the hints my subconsciousness was giving me. Or wasn’t it?

I will never know for sure, but it makes for a good story. Who holds the absolute truth over my story if not I? Isn’t making sense out of something always a creative process and I’d rather be my own interpreter my on historican.

Making a good story out of our life’s experiences, a story that makes sense to us, a story that frames the good, the bad and the ugly in a way that brought us here and with a bit of tweaking we can connect the dots in ways that give us strength, that gives the hard times some value.

Yes, I’d much rather not have the hard, draining, sad, frustrating, demoralizing, disappointing experiences in the first place, but as they won’t go away (and more will keep coming), I’ll at least use them in my personal story as waypoints for growth, lessons to learn.

It doesn’t make them something I’d like to do again.

I do not want anyone’s bad experiences.

I do not want anyone to go through my bad experiences,

I do not think anyone deserves the bad experiences they had to go through.

Given that we all have our horrors lets at least write a story where they become cradled parts of our human story that leads to compassion, solidarity, love, and strength.


May I more and more often treat people knowing that they carry their horrors in their lifes stories and let me treat them with the kindness, patience, curiosity and compassion I hope to be treated with AND at the same time be compassionate and brave for myself by upholding by boundaries and speaking up for my values!