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Morts brutales – Origami cranes made of old books

Back in the days, I had a shop at Dawanda – the German? European? – knock off from Etsy where I sold those paper cranes.

I worked ok without any advertising, and that surprised me. Why would anyone pay for something they can easily do at home?

Origami cranes made out of old booksThis is most likely the reason I never started my own business. Something I do well someone else can already do better, and everyone can easily learn it. The crazy new business idea never came.

It’s enough to be me.

I wonder where I got the belief from that I only can sell something, and people will only like what I do if I am amongst the very best? Maybe my technique is not the best, though I think it’s good and I am always learning and improving, maybe my style, concept, the idea for some people is worth spending some money on a thing I lovingly did with my own hands out of recycled and reclaimed material.

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