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New social media

As you are reading this you managed to find me online. Thank you 🙂 This page has an RSS feed, and an email contact form and I am somewhat active on mastodon. And that’s it. And that’s enough I think.
Planned the escape from the metaverse last year in December but I kept using Instagram. Well, recent developments boosted my determination…

Screenshot from the deactivation message on twitter
"Dein Account ist deaktiviert
Tut und leid, dass du gehst. #GoodBye"

Deleted my account after 14 years and 1.183 tweets on the 4th of November 2022. This didn’t hurt because I wasn’t using Twitter anymore and through that, I lost about 75% of my followers there already. Each time I logged in I was mostly angry or upset. To me, in the last years, it felt like a constant shitstorm and it looks like it’s going to get worse.
The last post was something like: I am checking out this social media thing:

Here are a few Tweets I am sad about loosing so I’ll archive them here with typos and all:

  • Jan 16, 2021 Hundekacke lässt sich gefroren besser absammeln. Ansonsten ist alles gesagt und kann hier nachgelesen werden: #FrauengegenMerz
  • Mar 14, 2014 Hund hockt auf dem Parkett und kotzt auf den Teppich – immerhin war’s kein Katzencontent…
  • Jan 1, 2010 es ist ein schmaler Grad zwischen Stoßlüften und Schockfrosten…”
  • Nov 11, 2009 cupping sucks – literally
  • und ich denk noch der flughafen tegel macht mittagspause: nee das terminal wurde geräumt habs nur nicht gemerkt
  • I’m stuck in a dessert in inner mongolia because of heavy rain
  • Having a Reuben Sandwich for breakfast made me realise: I’m kraut to be German…
  • the swine flu expert said to escape the swine flu epidemic in fall I should avoid crowds – I’m living in Shanghai…
  • Mein Ma findet Totenkopf Manschettenknöpfe eklig – pupertär! – aber eklig?!?
  • Lol: The manufacturer doesn’t allow the use of cell phones in the bus because of interferences with the electronics #berlinlinienbus
  • Yesterday for the first time I listened to my spider senses telling me to go home – of course they were right
  • I’ll be a dogsitter for a week. Let’s see how this works out as you can’t tell the dog to get some ice cream and watch tv.
  • Paulo Coelho commented on my blogpost about Paulo Coelho. 😮 (The post is called: Paulo Coelho is everywhere)

I log in a few times per month but I do not spend time there and I don’t use it on the phone. I feel bad about losing the imaginary touch with people I met once and will most likely never meet again. There’s no irony in this statement. I really feel like that.
When I was traveling a lot it really seemed like we would meet again and sometimes we did. It really does make me sad that I’ll cut these ties – or at least will make it way less likely than it already was. If we are friends on Facebook at this moment I have clear memories of you, how we met, and what connected us. Thank you for that moment – you’ll stay in my heart. For now, I deactivated the account.

Instagram -> Alternative: Pixelfed

This is hard. I quite enjoy the content of the 922 accounts I follow. I stopped creating content myself let alone caring about followers quite some time ago though which is a good start. I also get quite upset when I realize that I have been sucked into the reels and my time is gone – my life is gone. It’s ok for me to waste my time, but with this, I feel manipulated. Especially because I’d most likely spend almost as much time rechecking out the content of the people who I follow if I could just stay in the usual feed as I am genuinely interested in what they do and what they post and there’s a chance that a genuine interaction is sparked.
Good news. The more I use tusky the less I use Instagram.

Update 11.11.2022: As part of my Instagram escape plan you can now find me on pixelfed as @HerrBerta. Compared to Instagram there I have 10.100 Followers less – at this moment precisely zero. Most of the Insta Followers do not see my nowadays rare content anyway. So I have about 50-100 somewhat interested Followers so in the end that’s not a reason I stay there, and I am continuously building the mastodon info network so things are looking good in that regard. Oh, and when using pixeldfed I can simply choose the license for each upload. that’s only one of many things that delight me there.