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Midjourney & me: Earth Deity

This is a small selection of roughly seven hours of midjourney and me working on the subject of earth deity. It’s also 10$ worth of fast hours on the basic midjourney subscription plan, and I’d be really interested to learn how much that server time equals in CO₂ emissions. I am quite happy with the images, but I’d have to print them out and overhaul them all to make them exhibit-ready. It’s lots of fun and impressive, yet it’s time-consuming, expensive and most likely creating way more CO₂ than my pencils and me or even Photoshop and me.

As you can see, I quickly added the prompt “black” or “dark-skinned” to my prompts as the default – read white supremacy induced – results were white. A stereotype of beauty is still within the theme despite me mostly adding “old” as another prompt. Let me know what other cliché I missed so I can do better. 🙂

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