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bad quality photos of a photo which shows a bearded playmobil figurine in front of a cut out city silhouette

Am I so foreign
I feel at home?
Can I loose myself that easily?
May I loose myself that easily?

I am
I am not
Who I am does not matter
Who am I

It’s flickering lights
pleasure and pain
Faces rushing past
Among and apart

Everywhere to go to
No place to run to
I am at home
yet I’ll never arrive

Be everyone you want
Be no one at all
Be seen
but never recognized

Take a taxi

It’s raining
tears of pleasure
is it you
Can I be you without anyone noticing?

What do you want?
Quick, fast, easy, cheap
anything to be archived

Anyone real enough
Constant haze
zombie state
forever, yet you never live

Little pleasures
sown together to a deadman’s cloth

an endless feast lacking the salt
hot without sunlight
humid without rain
cheap with a high price to pay

Like roadkill
you know better
you are scared and fascinated
you can’t take your eyes off

at home
a magic escape long past the expiry date
you’ll always be a stranger
floating without connections – without restraints

Originally written around 2008
This slight iteration published on the 30th of June 2024 is based on a version from a notebook dated 20.12.2012

The article picture is a bad photo of a photo taken around 2000. The photo was intended to illustrate a copy of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” as part of a imaginary series of beat generation book covers. For the covers I created the stage with cardboard cut-outs and Playmobil figurines. The original photos for the covers were taken with a professional camera as part of a graphic design and photography internship.