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Guided mindfulness meditation: bodyscan

Es gibt auch eine deutsche Version des Bodyscan

The bodyscan is a key practice in Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction. Personally, I have an ongoing and always changing journey with it. Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I am really engaged, sometimes I am engaged and then miss a whole part of the bodyscan completely. Sometimes I spend most of the practice arguing with my own thoughts why I want to do this bodyscan now and not do one of the many other really important things first. One thing is for sure, it’s never the same experience twice.

The bodyscan is really grounding as it guides us out of our mind into our body. We gather our scattered minds into the senses as we let our attention travel to our body and become aware of the sensations in this very moment.

Guided bodyscan practice preparation

To prepare for the practice, find a spot where you’ll be undisturbed. You can lie down or sit on a chair or cushion. Maybe get a blanket to keep you warm during the guided bodyscan practice and a cushion to support your head and spine.

Guided mindfulness practice: 15 min bodyscan

Once the guided bodyscan practice is over take some time to reflect on your experience. What did you discover? Where did you encounter struggles? Maybe take some time to write it in a journal. It is fascinating to see how our experience with the bodyscan changed and evolved.
What was once a dreaded practice where I mostly struggled with boredom is now a much-appreciated tool to step out of a stressful period of the day, recharge, recover and make room for new ideas and connections.