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Accountability: Donations 2021

donations 2021: Mash up of different part of the amnesty international page where I donated in 2021 among others

It’s this time of the year again. Time to take a good – kind – look at myself and think about how much of the talk I walked.
In my HerrBertArt Etsy Shop, I promised last year to donate all my income. Well, I didn’t do any advertisement for it, and hence there was no almost no income. However, walking around in my favourite “Defend Solidarity” hoodie padding myself on the back for nothing isn’t working, so here’s a quick overview of my donations 2021:

Somethings I still calculate in but technically aren’t donations are

Like last year, this all sums up to about a month's salary.  

I think now it’s ok to give myself said pad on the back, acknowledging what was done and then – with a smile – to keep going.
Doing some research I saw that Amnesty International offers several courses on edx. Something which makes a whole lot of sense and something I have now put on my reading list. Just like not all donations are donations not all books need to be books.