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Hungry Horror Kid

hungry boy

What was I thinking in 2009 when I drew this? I have no idea. I had a bit of a run at the time with scribbling in the moleskin notebook. Sitting in a hipster coffee shop in Berlin scribbling. I had many coffees and brownies – vegan, raw, and what not. I still don’t like coffee. Maybe that’s why the bacon horrifies our hungry kid while the potato is staring back. 🙂

Or! I wanted to express the horror on our plates, the fraud in the food industry, the poisonous ingredients, curated diabetes, and how healthy food and the time to prepare it or even have it made for you is such a massive privilege.

Check your privilege!

(especially if you plan on handing out unsolicited advice or criticism)

I doubt I had such deep thoughts, but the interpretation is for the critics anyway. So c’mon let’s get a brownie and let it guide us through all the many layers of privilege it presents in the very moment we eat it and eat it with gratitude, so our hearts are open to share those privileges with joy.