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My Diverse Reading Summary for 2023

Illustration/ rough sketch o a person with short white hair reading in front of a huge bookshelf - created with Midjourney (style prompt: Ralpg Streadman)

The wrap-up of the fourth edition of my public reading list.
Find the last editions here: the 2022, 2021, and 2020 diverse reading list summaries and the recommendations for those years.
The 2024 reading list is already being filled as well.

55 books read — 12 of them written by white, cis, hetero men.

That’s not bad, but I have a feeling that this group is with 22% still overrepresented.

It’s hard to pick my three favourite books this year, so I start with three quotes – in German – as I read the books in German and a loosely translated version of each

// Was bringen uns unsere Schutzräume eigentlich, wenn wir in ihnen eher in unseren hässlicheren Seiten schwelgen? Wir sollten viel öfter mit Iris und Robin Nudeln essen.
\\ What good are our safe spaces if we tend to indulge our uglier sides in them? We should eat pasta with Iris and Robin much more often.

Shida Bazyar – Drei Kameradinnen

// Als ich schließlich eine Beziehung aufbaute die heilsam und fair war bekam ich Angst. Ich ängstigte mich, weil sie nicht zerstörerisch und schmerzhaft war, wie ich es in Filmen und Liedern gelernt hatte. Konnte sie dann überhaupt richtig sein?
\\ When I finally built a relationship that was wholesome and fair, I got scared. I was scared because it wasn’t destructive and painful like I had learned in films and songs. Could it even be right then?

Şeyda Kurt – Radikale Zärtlichkeit

// Die Unordnung macht mir manchmal Angst und damit bin ich nicht alleine doch wir können die Angst überwinden, gemeinsam, als Partnerinnen, als Freundinnen, als Verbündete. Ich halte sie aus. Wir halten sie aus. Wenn wir Angst haben brauchen wir keine tradierten Ordnungen an die wir uns klammern, wir brauchen uns.
\\ The mess sometimes scares me, and I’m not alone in that, but we can overcome the fear, together, as partners, as friends, as allies. I can endure it. We can endure it. When we are afraid, we don’t need traditional orders to cling to, we need each other.”

Şeyda Kurt – Radikale Zärtlichkeit

My Top 3 Recommendations from 2023

Annie Ernaux – der Platz
As you can see from the four books I read, Annie Ernaux touched something in me that I explored further by reading more. Reading her book gave me a deeper understanding of classism, classes, and power dynamics within society which made me understand my parents and grandparents and ultimately myself way better.

Eva von Redecker – Revolution für das Leben: Philosophie der neuen Protestformen
Yeah, I am a fan. Not only in written form. I was lucky enough to see her live several times in 2023, and I usually seek out interviews as well. The perspective she adds to perceiving and attempting to understand the world helps me to be clearer about my values and most importantly to live my values.

Katharina Nocun, Pia Lamberty – True Facts
The third book I read by them and an essential read to not only live and interact with people in a world where “alternative facts” and fakes become the norm and boost conspiracy theories. Their books not only arm us with a deeper understanding, and aspects to consider, but they also provide early warning signs and fallacies to keep an eye on — not only in others but also within oneself!

Books read in 2023

  1. Shida Bazyar – Drei Kameradinnen
  2. James Baldwin – Giovanni’s room
  3. Katie Kitamura – Intimitäten
  4. Hadija Haruna-Oelker – Die Schönheit der Differenz
  5. Daniel Schreiber – Alleine
  6. Theresia Enzensberger – Auf See
  7. Wade and Cheryl Hudson – We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices
  8. Katharina Nocun, Pia Lamberty – Fake Facts
  9. Şeyda Kurt – Radikale Zärtlichkeit
  10. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels – Das kommunistische Manifest
  11. Mike Burrows – Kanban
  12. Jaqueline Woodson – Red at the Bone
  13. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Asha Bandele – when they call you a terrorist – a black lives matter memoir
  14. Katrin Eigendorf – Putins Krieg
  15. Audre Lorde – The Cancer Journals
  16. Pia Lamberty, Katharina Nocun – Gefährlicher Glaube
  17. Malcolm Gladwell – Talking to strangers
  18. Hannah Arendt – Die Freiheit, frei zu sein
  19. Stanislaw Lem – Der getreue Roboter
  20. Ta-Nehisi Coates – Between the World and Me
  21. 刘慈欣 (Liu Cixin) – Kugelblitz
  22. Ursula K. Le Guin – Ein Magier von Erdsee
  23. Grace M. Cho – Tastes Like War
  24. Ursula K. Le Guin – Die Gräber von Atuan
  25. Rafia Zakaria – Against White Feminism
  26. Alem Grabovac – Das achte Kind
  27. Max Czollek – Versöhnungstheater
  28. Robert Habeck – Wer wir sein könnten
  29. Cho Nam-Joo – Miss Kim weiß Bescheid
  30. Ursula K. Le Guin – Das fernste Ufer
  31. Constantin Schreiber – Inside Islam
  32. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions
  33. Laura Hofmann, Felicia Ewert, Fabienne Sand – Feminism is for everyone
  34. George Orwell – Über Nationalismus
  35. Ann-Kristin Tlusky – Süß – eine feministische Kritik
  36. Lydia Meyer – Die Zukunft ist nicht binär
  37. Eva von Redecker – Revolution für das Leben: Philosophie der neuen Protestformen
  38. Ken Krimstein – Die drei Leben der Hannah Arendt
  39. Hannah Arendt und Mary McCarthy – Im Vertrauen
  40. Tristan Horx – Unsere fucking Zukunft
  41. Kari Herbert – Rebel artists
  42. Tsitsi Dangarembga – Schwarz und Frau
  43. Annie Ernaux – Der Platz
  44. Ursula K. Le Guin – Tehanu
  45. 刘慈欣 (Liu Cixin) – Weltenzerstörer
  46. Annie Ernaux – Erinnerungen eines Mädchens
  47. Annie Ernaux – Eine Frau
  48. Annie Ernaux – Die Scham
  49. Sequoia Nagamatsu – How high we go in the dark
  50. Emily St. John Mandel – Sea of Tranquiliy
  51. Katharina Nocun, Pia Lamberty – True Facts
  52. Linus Giese – Lieber Jonas oder Der Wunsch nach Selbstbestimmung
  53. George Orwell – 1984
  54. Julia Korbik, Julia Bernhard – Simone de Beauvoir – Ich möchte vom Leben alles
  55. Janosch – Wondrak für alle Lebenslagen

The stats for 2023

  • Everybody else/white, hetero cis-Men 43/12
  • Marginalized group/dominant group*/ not the main topic, but an influence on the writing (I think…) 30/7/18
  • Art or Graphic Novel/Non-Fiction/Fiction or Poetry 3/36/17
  • Paper/e-reader/Audiobook 4/0/51
  • The language I read/ heard the book in German/English 44/11

*usually white, cis-gender, heterosexual, and somewhat Christian.

Courses I took/ Groups participated in

I finished the Green Campus Zertifikat Politik Management with 93 learning units

Diskussionsgruppe LEA Left Ecological Association